Reflections of a Radical Servant Leader by Loretta B. Randle

Reflections of a Radical Servant Leader by Loretta B. Randle

Grandmothers are God's super weapon! At age sixty-seven, Loretta B. Randle, MA, received her master of arts in global urban leadership with an emphasis in servant leadership from Bakke Graduate University. Loretta is a licensed minister of New Visions Christian Fellowship Church. She established the outreach ministry of When 1000 Grandmother's Pray Prayer Advocacy. After returning from a mission trip from India, Loretta organized the Children's Prayer Initiative. She has over forty years of passionate community transformation activism and child advocacy service.

Today, at the age of seventy-three, Loretta B. Randle serves as an innovator of Christian community development initiatives. She shares wisdom in various volunteer leadership roles in community-based and faith-based local, national and global contexts.

Loretta is in a continuous state of submission to the transforming work of the Spirit of God to renew and inspire her servants' calling. Loretta offers personal discipleship coaching, and professional character strength coaching, and provides contemplative prayer and wellness practices for the busy and helping professional through Lead Well Initiative.

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