Learning to Lead at Jesus Feet: Encounters with Grace & Truth by Todd Poulter

Learning to Lead at Jesus Feet: Encounters with Grace & Truth by Todd Poulter

Redefining the Posture of Leadership

Poulter draws on a wide variety of cross-cultural experiences and invites leaders to a refreshing journey of discovery, intimacy, and transformation. With reflective questions designed to provoke insight and self-awareness, this book challenges readers to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Jesus and evaluate their own beliefs, assumptions, and cultural expectations about leadership.

Poulter states: "Several years ago I set out to express what I have been learning about leadership from watching and listening to Jesus in the Gospels, complemented by insights gained by interacting with gifted Christian leaders from around the world. The result is the book Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus: Encounters with Grace and Truth.

Despite our best intentions, many of us struggle to consistently reflect Jesus in our leadership. We look for answers in current Christian best-sellers, the latest business trends, or the newest leadership theories. But the Gospels suggest a very different starting point: a new posture. No matter how lofty our title, status, or renown as leaders, we can never rise higher in the kingdom than to the feet of Jesus.

Building on Jesus's intimacy with the Father, Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus highlights the rich relational setting in which Jesus exercised leadership and developed his followers into leaders. In the context of his intentional "with-ness," Jesus generously shared his life and authority with the Twelve.

The book is meant to be read as a companion to the Gospels. While individual leaders (and those who would like to be well-led!) can benefit from reading it on their own, it’s written with small groups in mind. To encourage people to interact with the content and with one another, questions for reflection are interspersed throughout each chapter to provoke conversation, insight, and mutual learning.

My hope is that Learning to Lead at the Feet of Jesus will honor the Lord Jesus and encourage leaders to lead from a posture of reverent submission at His feet."

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