Issues and Reflections on Missions, Leadership and Education by Marcel R. Hutson

Issues and Reflections on Missions, Leadership and Education by Marcel R. Hutson

Issues and Reflections in Missions, Leadership and Education: Moving Beyond Thought and Talk to Action was conceived from the author’s deep passion for serving as a change agent in ministry. The book aims to elucidate the growing need to address missions, leadership, and education issues and provide tangible and time-tested solutions that will impact the existing status quo internationally in church circles.

Careful consideration was given to the audience of this book because it allows the audience to identify with the subjects at hand so that they may be more inclined to develop a willingness to accept and even add to the suggested course of action for transformation. The concepts and positions articulated in this book are universal, meaning they can be applied with great effectiveness in any context, that is, sacred and secular. Fundamentally, the book is written for Church leaders who have that tremendous responsibility for ensuring the perpetuation of God’s Word and Kingdom. Those leaders include pastors, lay preachers, Sunday School teachers, youth ministers and the like. Parents will also find the material covered most useful. The book comprises six chapters which address a series of topics. These topics include the holistic nature of missions, a systematic approach to missions, the rudiments of Christian leadership up close, patterns for effective leadership in emerging church leaders, education as an essential component for purposeful living and the significance of Jewish education and teaching tools.

The author adopts the posture that all human beings were born with a purpose and more so with gifts, and such gifts are meant to serve the Lord. Moreover, it is only fitting that they are encouraged and given opportunities to advance the work of God with what he has given to them.

Through research, the Word of God and experiences, the author cites the Church’s strengths and areas for improvement. The author was keen to highlight numerous ways missions are advanced, Church leadership strengthened, and education delivered in the Church context. All are pointing to the building up of the Church for the effective execution of its mandate, a sense of fulfilment of God’s people as they are called as leaders to exercise their gifts unimpeded, and the delivery of education in a manner to keep the Church viable and doctrinally sound.

The author also provides some helpful teaching and learning tools in the appendices, including topics for consideration for teaching students in missionary training and identification of leaders who may go unnoticed. The appendices also have a well-developed sample lesson plan that Sunday School teachers will find most interesting. The appendices also have a tailored questionnaire to identify persons suitable for the mission’s field.

The book hones in on the critical cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains, upon which impactful change is only possible when they are effectively touched. To know is one thing, to do is another and to be is something else. The systematic application of the tools, methods, and ideas articulated and established in this book presents an excellent opportunity for those keen to see change and wish the Church and its members to prosper. Read, understand, interpret and be ready to act.

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