BAM (Business as a Mission) Global Movement by Gea Gort

BAM (Business as a Mission) Global Movement by Gea Gort

Dr. Gea Gort, a BGU alum who specializes in researching and teaching on Business as a Mission (BAM), has just co-authored and published a new text entitled BAM Global Movement. This book takes a very informed global approach to BAM. Each chapter’s introduction focuses on one aspect of BAM, while the rest of the chapter provides case studies of BAM practices all over the world and in a variety of spheres and activities.

God is a missional God. I can still hear our former Board of Regents Chair, Dr. Glenn Smith, emphatically tell our students: “God is Mission!” Since the identity of the Church throughout the world is so closely tied to God’s, the Church is a missional Church. This is an intrinsic part of her identity. Consequently, each Church member, in whatever way they think or act, is missional. Therefore, wherever a Church member develops his or her calling and talents, professional or artistic endeavors, this ‘business’ is mission, and needs to be considered as such and evaluated as such. This is what Gort’s work presents to the reader, mostly in easy-to-read narratives.

The peculiar characteristic of BAM Global Movement is that it brings forward how members in the global Church, throughout the world, have worked hand in hand with the Triune God to innovatively and creatively bring forth God’s character in extremely unique ways within each one’s specific local context. As a result, many professional and community members have been exposed to God’s character in an irrefutable way and, very often, have been transformed to His image. Reading this text will enhance the reader’s professional divine calling in the business and professional world, and reaffirm the validity of this biblical text that hung over my bed for years when I was growing up: “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17 – NIV).

Don’t miss out on this very affirming book that will undoubtedly be an encouragement to each of you, in your specific calling and circumstances!

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