God Loves Your Work by Larry Peabody

God Loves Your Work by Larry Peabody

My new book: God Loves Your Work: Discover Why He Sends You to Do What You Do. The book is available from Amazon.

If you know God loves your work, you can—as Paul put it—“work at it with all your heart.” But too often even Christians find it hard to engage fully with what occupies them for hours every day. This book will help you relate your work to God’s eternal kingdom purposes. Here you will find not just one or two but several biblical reasons for getting up and going to work.
During your lifetime you will spend, perhaps, 100,000 hours working in paid or unpaid work. Will you see spiritual significance in those hours? In the end, will they really matter? These easy-to-read chapters will help you view your daily work within a new and much larger perspective. For example, what if you were to begin seeing your work as a worship offering that God gladly receives? Or what if you were to discover how he intends to use your work to further your own spiritual growth?
Get set to move from “Thank God, it’s Friday!” to “Wonderful, it’s Monday again!”

About the Author

Larry Peabody serves as adjunct theology-of-work professor for the Bakke Graduate University. His first book, Serving Christ in the Workplace, was published in 1974. Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work was published in the spring of 2010. Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church was published in 2015. Peabody has served as a state employee, business owner, church planter, and senior pastor.

When asked, "Why did you write the book and create the website?" Larry stated, 'Perhaps Chris Armstrong, Professor of Church History at Wheaton College, best sums up my reason': “After a lot of searching, I have reluctantly concluded that American Christians of my generation have largely given up on finding any spiritual meaning in our work.” (from Chapter 12, Work: Theological Foundations and Practical Implications, edited by R. Keith Loftin & Trey Dimsdale).

 My book, God Loves Your Work, helps believers find that meaning. It lays a biblical foundation of truth about our daily work without using theological jargon. And—in this era when many are rethinking the whole idea of working—the book offers at least seven Kingdom-of-God-related reasons for getting up and going to work.

 While writing the book, I kept four groups in view: students about to enter the work world, newcomers to that world, seasoned employees, and those not paid for their work.

 I’ll be grateful if you give my website and the book a look!