Cross Purposes by Dr. Mark Miller

Cross Purposes by Dr. Mark Miller

"Let me get this straight-God sentenced his own son to death for something he didn't do, and you're inviting me to become his child, too? I'm not sure I want to do that, given how he treats his kids! What kind of a father is he, anyway?"

New Book by BGU Alumnus & Professor-

"Cross Purposes-Exploring the Crossroads of Justice and Reconciliationby Dr. Mark Miller

Have you ever questioned why Jesus had to die to save you from your sin? Have you wondered why a loving heavenly Father would punish his innocent Son in your place? Would you like to have a deeper understanding of Jesus' atoning sacrifice and how it applies to your life? If so, Cross Purposes is the book for you!

Cross Purposes examines the basis and purpose for Jesus' atoning work on the cross. Arguing against the notion that Jesus died so we could be forgiven, this book suggests Jesus died so we could embrace the forgiveness we already have!

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