Break That Stubborn Habit by Passy Amaraegbu

Break That Stubborn Habit by Passy Amaraegbu

Habits are as essential to human life as air. This central role of human habits defines the crucial nature of this book on how to conquer stubborn habits. Break That Stubborn Habit, is written from a practical viewpoint so that the reader can realize his/her potentials to live as a champion and winner..;.

The book is the product of experience and expertise. As a professional psychologist as well as an internationally trained transformational leadership expert, the Author presents a work that is relevant, educative, enlightening as well as authoritative.

The book covers essential topics like characteristics, portraits, and promoters of stubborn habits. It includes a chapter on recidivism and finally concentrates on the issue of principles of victory over stubborn habits. Very remarkably, every chapter of the book ends with a section on personal reflection.

This ten chapters’ title is a potent life-changing manual, an inspirational dossier as well as a reliable reference document.

About the Author

Passy Amaraegbu, psychologist and preacher is the author of over twenty titles including the popular Victory Over Lust trilogy. Alumni of three Nigerian Universities, Amaraegbu holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. He writes from his wealth of experience as one who gains victory over stubborn habits, from his professional training as a Behavioural Scientist as well as an accumulated and reliable expertise gained over many years of matching theory with practice. Furthermore, the Author holds a second doctorate degree from Bakke Graduate University Dallas, Texas in Transformational Leadership. He travels extensively as a conference speaker, transformational leadership expert, psychologist, and preacher. Dr. Amaraegbu and his wife, pharmacist Chimezie celebrates the silver jubilee of their marriage in 2017. The Amaraegbus’ with their five children live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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