A Church after God's Heart by Pieter Hendriks

A Church after God's Heart by Pieter Hendriks

BGU alumni Pieter Hendriks has recently published his BGU dissertation in a book form entitled, "A Church After God's Heart." The book is about northern Uganda, and especially the Lango sub-region. Pieter hopes his book will help the needs of the church in this region to 'get on the map,' as so little is known about their absolute painful poverty caused by Idi Ami in the '70s and Joseph Kony during the mid-1980s to mid-2000.

As Ambassador of the Diocese of Lango, Pieter is involved in annual development activities in Uganda and teaching (March-May) at All Saints University, Lango (ASUL). One-third of the ASUL student body is unable to pay their fees and Pieter is trying to retain those students through a fund named: Fund for Vulnerable Students. Islam is also trying to get their 'foot in the door' of Uganda by offering fee-free study with significant strings attached so this fund is an important evangelism tool. Pieter is also trying to have professors (emeritus/lecturers take their sabbatical at ASUL in the near future and can be contacted through his website for more information. 

Pieter's book can be purchased at his website:www.pieterhendriks.wix.com/caneda-ministries or on Amazon.com. Net proceeds of the book go towards the Fund for Vulnerable Students at ASUL in Lira, Northern Uganda.

Donations toward this special fund can be made to the Toronto Dominion  (TD) Bank to

Pieter Hendriks: Caneda Ministries :8108-6080668.