BGU Year-End Giving

Please consider giving a year-end donation to BGU’s work with advanced leaders in over 100 nations.

Each dollar you give is multiplied by:

1. A challenge grant of $30,000.

2. Every student sacrificially paying at least 50% of their tuition even if they are from a non-developed economy. BGU trains them to raise local money for their tuition. These local funding sources stay with them after graduation to provide local accountability and less dependence upon western donors.

3. BGU graduates who donate extensive advising time and financial support for students who follow them.

4. The strategic work of BGU students and graduates in over 100 nations. Your donation is multiplied as they create local businesses, plant churches, serve with the poor, and lead local and global NGO’s focused on relief, development and advocacy.

Why do leaders in non-developed economies sacrifice so much to pay for at least 50% of their tuition?

A BGU graduate in Sierra Leone brought his framed diploma to a local bank. Having a US accredited degree provided the trust he needed to obtain a loan to purchase land to create local businesses.

A BGU graduate in Guyana leveraged her degree to obtain a top-level government job.

A BGU graduate in the Philippines leveraged her degree to lobby the national congress to change key policies opening up new avenues of resources for the poor.

These degrees are worth their investment, not just for the learning and life-long network of relationships, but also for the personal credibility they provide especially in non-developed economies.

We are grateful for your prayers and support for the BGU family.