Admissions Application Instructions

This document will assist you in gathering everything you will need to complete your application.

  1. Photo: Please upload a .jpg file. It should be a headshot of you and does not have others in the photo. Please crop that out before you upload your photos. 

  2. TOEFL Score: If you have a first language other than English, you will need to share your TOEFL score, take the TOEFL test, or TOEFL Waiver Statement, and email to Admissions when your application is submitted.

  3. Social Security Number (US Residents/Citizens ONLY): Please enter your social security number.  Your number is not needed for admissions. But for tax purposes, the IRS requires that BGU provides the 1098-T Tax form for every student with a SSN at the end of each year.

  4. Personal ID: ALL students must verify their identity with a government-issued ID. A driver's license or Passport is required.

  5. Transcript: An official or certified transcript (in Europe, Africa, or Asia) from the school granting your highest degree is required. 

  6. Finances (US Students ONLY): If you are a US student and are applying for FAFSA loans, please contact Carolyn Cochran. A notarized copy of your ID is required.

  7. Writing Sample: This is an assessment of your academic writing skills. Your essay should demonstrate graduate-level writing. You may write it in a Word document and then cut and paste it. The Ph.D. program requires three different writing samples.

  8. Emails for Work/Character Reference Form: You will need emails for the 2 people that you will ask to complete a work or character reference form. For the Ph.D., you will add a third academic reference. Enter the email of the individual person. When your application is submitted, an email form will be sent directly to your reference.

  9. Personal Learning Community (PLC): This requirement is unique to BGU. We ask that you gather a group of leaders around you to support and encourage you through your journey. This is your Personal Learning Community (PLC). It should be a strategic choice of persons with a personal or professional interest in sharing your learning and how that is impacting your life and work.

  10. Application Fee: The application fee of $50 is needed to complete your application. This is paid online via credit card or PayPal. If there are issues with your county, please contact Carolyn Cochran to make arrangements.

  11. To download a request for a transcript from your previous school, click here.