An Opportunity for BGU Alumni

If you are a graduate of Bakke Graduate University and you have a passion to share your BGU wisdom and experience with those in your circle of influence, but have not been sure how best to do that, here is your opportunity!

BGU is opening up the certificate program to partner with their alumni who want to provide a learning opportunity to those who may not think they have the resources or the education, or the ability or the time to further their education. 

Alumnus responsibilities:
  • Prayerfully consider your BGU education

    • What benefited you the most?

    • What needs would most benefit those in your community?

    • Listen to the Spirit of God.  What is He saying to you? 

  • Create an organization and logo (if you do not have one already).

  • Create a curriculum and syllabus that would require a minimum of 35 hours of reading, videos, writing, interviewing, discussion, etc.  (Any of those activities you benefited from during your BGU experience).

  • You can choose the language for your course, but you must provide a curriculum and syllabus in English for the Director of Certificates for BGU. 

  • Please note: No credit toward an academic degree will be awarded for these certificates.

BGU responsibilities:
  • Upon approval of your course, BGU will create a joint certificate with the BGU seal and the logo for your organization.

  • BGU will create Certificates of Achievement (no academic credit) for each of your graduates when you supply the names of your graduates.  Certificates will be emailed to you for printing locally.

For more information and details about requirements plus an example of the certificates, please email

Looking forward to hearing from you!!