Yvonne McKenzie
Director of MATL Degree Program

As a retired banker, Dr. Yvonne McKenzie’s banking career spans over three decades working with the two largest banking institutions in Jamaica. Her areas of expertise include the leadership of the implementation and support unit with oversight of the banking platforms and online banking systems, quality assurance, system testing, preparation of user manuals, general branch banking, lecturer, and logistics coordinator. 

Dr. McKenzie currently serves as the Director of the Masters of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) degree at Bakke Graduate University. Her past roles at Bakke include that of eLearning Coordinator, Director of Academic Services, and Director of the Master of Arts Social and Civic Entrepreneurship. Her responsibilities encompassed providing guidance and support to the eLearning team and developing and streamlining processes to ensure high standards on the online campus. As a director of various programs, she provides academic counsel, supervises stakeholders involved in the academic process, provides administrative and educational oversight to the academic program, curriculum development, faculty recruitment, evaluation, and development, and evaluation of the efficacy of the programs in the global marketplace.

Her community involvement comprises service as a Lay-preacher, life coach, business advisor, Justice of the Peace, and Lay Magistrate. In her role as a Lay Magistrate, she presides over the Petty Session Court. The latter role inspired a keen interest in mediation and restorative justice as an alternative to the penal justice system.  Here Dissertation focused on Restorative Justice Practices: Reconstructing Programmatically an Alternative Approach to the Delivery of Service by Justices of the Peace for the Lay Magistrate Court in Jamaica, and the creation of a Restorative Justice Handbook to guide the training and implementation process.

Dr. McKenzie’s life goal is to empower those she serves to unearth and live out their potential as gifted individuals with a distinct purpose. This she believes is the essential element in making the world a better place.

She is a graduate of Bakke Graduate University and the University of the West Indies. Her academic achievement includes a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Arts in Management Studies and English Literature.

  • DTL, Bakke Graduate University, Dallas, TX, 2018

  • MASCE, Bakke Graduate University. Dallas, TX 2016

  • BA, University of the West Indies, Jamaica