Fletcher Tink

Dr. Tink serves two major roles currently. He is the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Union University of California, in Westminster, CA, and as the Director of the Ph.D. in Transformational Development on the campus of Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, a program of the Asia Graduate School of Theology consortium, located in Greater Manila, the Philippines. He has taught for many institutions and in 56 nations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is the former director of two versions of Bresee Institute, first in Los Angeles and then in Kansas City. He has written, edited, or co-authored 6 books, the most recent being, a major portion of “The Unstoppable Church”, examining religious persecution around the world. Dr. Tink serves on the BGU Board of Regents, supervises doctoral dissertations, and is one of the “Master Teachers” of “Theology of Work” and “Ethics and Responsible Business Practice” courses sponsored by Mustard Seed Foundation.


  • Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

  • MDiv, Nazarene Theological Seminary

  • MTh, Luther (Northwestern) Seminary

  • MLA, Harvard University

  • MA, Fuller Theological Seminary