Certificate of Achievement in Conflict Resolution Course

As a candidate for the certificate of achievement in conflict resolution, in order to graduate and earn the certificate, you are required  to:

1.   Watch all of the 80-part How to Resolve a Conflict audio-vision lecture series

  • (a) Write a one-page summary of the conflict resolution skills you learn from the audio-video lecture series.

  • b) Identify ONE live conflict at home, work, church, or business and mediate it using the skills you learn from the audio-video lectures.

2.   Write a one-page summary of the points in issue in the conflict you mediated.

3.   Write a  two-page summary of how you apply the skills learned to the conflict.

4.   Finally write one page about the result of your mediation. 

 Send the above total 5-page assignment (in times roman, 12 font size, single space) to the Professor of Record, Olajide Olagunju, and kindly copy the email to the Program Director, Connie Parker

To learn more about Olajide Olagunju and Connie Parker, click their names to see their bio's.

 Cost and Payment

The cost for this Course is: $189 (USD)

Individual/Group sessions with the professor are available for $39 per session

Once your payment is received you will be contacted regarding access to this class.

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