BGU Certified Mediator Certificate

As a candidate for the Certified Mediator certificate, in order to graduate and earn the certificate, you are required  to:

  1.  Watch all of the 80-part How to Resolve a Conflict audio-vision lecture series

  • a) Write a one-page summary of the conflict resolution skills you learned from the audio-video lecture series.

  • b) Identify FIVE live conflicts at any or all of your: home, work, church, business, etc., and mediate them using the skills you learned from the audio-video lectures. It is recommended that you mediate conflicts from as many diverse settings/sectors as possible.

  1. Write a one-page summary of the points in issue in each conflict you mediated. (Total 5 pages).

  2. Write a  two-page summary of how you applied the skills learned at the conflict mediation. (Total 10 pages)

  3. Finally, write a one-page summary of the outcome of each of your mediation. (Total 5 pages)

Send the above total 21-page report (in times roman, 12 font size, single-space) to the Professor of Record, Olajide Olagunju; and kindly copy the email to the Program Director, Connie Paker

  1. If satisfied with your report, the professor of record will schedule a debriefing meeting with you based on your report. At the end of the one-on-one debriefing, he may immediately award you a passing grade; or he may give your further instruction to strengthen any outstanding weakness in your mediation skillset. Once you are subsequently adjudged sufficiently skilled to mediate professionally, he will award you a passing grade, and you will receive your Certified Mediator certificate.

  2. Note that the certified mediator course is a standard 45-hour professional certification course.

 For inquiries, please contact the Program Director, Connie Parker.

Cost and Payment

The cost for the course is $850 (USD

Once your payment is received you will be contacted regarding access to this class.

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